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Custom Aquarium Tank Design

Aquarium experts believe aquariums and water features are a living work of art, and can be a true reflection of the owners individual taste and personality.

Our aquatic design team work closely with each client throughout the process to ensure their system is built and customised specifically with this in mind. Our custom systems are all built to order, we can manufacture and produce all shapes and sizes, as well as the cabinetry, lighting, filtration etc, we can produce real or artificial aquascapes, rockscapes and reproductions of any kind.

Our design services range from consultation and advice to the complete management and implementation of any size aquatic project.

Our design team consists of aquatic designers, aquarist experts, architects, structural engineers, interior decorators and an array of general contractors. we provide our clients with professional, creative aquatic advice during the design process. if you have an idea that needs developing and discussing or a piece of the ocean you want to preserve in your home or office, let aquatic experts help you create a piece of living art for you. Our sales staff will schedule a consultation in your home or office that suits your schedule to discuss the many options available in the divers and creative aquatic industry.

Our team offers a wide range of talents and services which include:-

Aquariums and ponds any size or shape

  • Custom in wall
  • Freestanding
  • Glass or acrylic
  • Special projects
  • State of the art computerised filtration and lighting systems

Aquarium finishes

  • Special coatings
  • Acrylic/plastic
  • All types of wood finishes
  • Laminates, corian

Interior d├ęcor

  • Live coral
  • Artificial coral
  • Coral sculptures
  • Live plants
  • Unique and unusual

Life support system filtration

Aquarium Experts offer a complete range of bespoke services

We can also supply and install lobster and fish holding tanks for restaurants and wholesale suppliers

For your aquarium design quote regardless of size contact our friendly team at: