Aquarium experts provide sales and installation of all sizes
Aquarium experts provide sales and installation of all sizes

Fish Tank Installation Services

Aquarium experts provide sales and installation of all sizes of aquatic systems from desktop/counter for the kitchen or office to custom built large scale aquariums, our friendly and knowledgeable staff have many years of experience installing aquariums nationally, and will make any project run as smooth as possible.

We have designed and installed many private and commercial aquariums, we handle all the scheduling and problem solving so you don’t have to.

Call Aquarium Experts for a no obligation discussion regarding your ideas or needs.

Step by step installation

Decide in your home or office where you would like to have your aquarium. A custom aquarium can be placed virtually anywhere that you could think of and can be utilised for various applications. For example a tank in the reception of any business or restaurant can create a serene lasting first impression or a tank in the living room of your home can also have an air of tranquillity but may double as a learning experience for the entire family.

Once you have decided on the location someone from our staff of professionals will come to you and find out all your expectations. We will take all necessary photographs and measurements of the space chosen, we will then design all stands, cabinetry, filtration and lighting and of course the aquarium itself with you in mind. We will then present you with a custom proposal to bring your aquarium dream to life, when you have accepted our proposal we begin to create your one of a kind system.

Some systems can be manufactured all at the same time and installed in one visit, the larger aquariums and surrounds may have to be built on site. No matter the request or situation we are capable of meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Once your system is fully operational, the next step is at your discretion. Aquarium Experts can tailor package a maintenance schedule to suit your knowledge and requirements, our staff will do all the work for you including but not limited to cleaning the tanks inside and out (we have qualified divers for the very large tanks), water testing and replacing and introducing new fish and corals, our goal is to help educate, design and manufacture the best possible product for you to enjoy for years to come.

Custom Built Aquarium Installations

We offer a no obligation quote where we listen to your ideas and needs.

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