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Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Experts goal is to help you realise your vision in creating a living piece of art that all will enjoy by exceeding your expectations through caring and state of the art management.

We strongly believe in creating as natural an environment possible in order to keep your aquarium and animals healthy and happy.

Whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or even serviced as needed we can provide maintenance and information on all fish, corals, water, equipment and of course your tank.

We have offices in Leeds and Manchester covering the whole of the UK.

We also provide a 24hr, 7 day a week, 365 days a year emergency cover.

We provide the client with a free quarterly review of their aquarium to discuss any concerns they have with their aquarium, and to chat about changes that can be made ,we will also do a full system check on all filtration equipment,and check that all the livestock is healthy and is being properly serviced and maintained.

Please see below for an insight into our packages.

  • Clean all interior and exterior surfaces and accessories (glass/acrylic, trim/woodwork, lids, feeders etc).

  • Hydro vac gravel/substrate, 15% minimum water change, 30% average.

  • Check/replace chemical filtration media.

  • Check and clean additional equipment such as UV sterilisers, protein skimmers etc.

  • Replace broken or worn parts.

  • Check water quality.

  • Clean/exchange rocks, plants, coral etc.

  • Visual health and stock check.

Aquarium Experts cover the whole of theUK and Northern Ireland

Aquarium Experts has many years of experience in aquariums, for more information on freshwater aquariums then please get in touch.

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