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Marine & Reef Aquariums

Saltwater aquarium fish are available in all kinds of shapes and a rainbow of colours, the marine system or saltwater can be subdivided into “fish only” or “living reef systems”, some people like fish only because of the broad variety and quantity of fish they can add to their aquariums including predacious and aggressive specimens.

Others prefer the unmatched beauty and immense variety of animals found in a living reef such as living corals, mushrooms, shrimps, crabs, starfish the list is endless, these natural ecosystems provide the healthiest environment possible for its inhabitants. These systems are more sophisticated and require greater care and time.

It is a good idea to decide early which system to choose before committing to build, since all of these systems have different needs and require different equipment, which system is right for you depends on which has the strongest appeal, as well as budget, whichever system you prefer Aquarium Experts will create a beautiful system for your enjoyment that meets your exact requirements.

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For guidance and advice on which system would be more suitable, whatever the budget or size, aquarium experts are here to help.

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