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Bespoke Aquarium Design, Installation & Maintenance

We offer Bespoke Aquarium Design & Installation services in Scotland. Including manufacturing and maintaining aquariums for private and commercial clients.

Aquarium Experts Scotland Bespoke Aquarium Services

At Aquarium Experts, we believe aquariums and water features are living masterpieces that capture our clients’ personalities. Our team design and build unique and breathtaking installations that exceed expectations.


We Design, Supply, Install & Maintain Aquariums

We specialise in creating and maintaining aquariums of all shapes and sizes. Our team of experts provides essential features such as lighting and filtration systems to make sure that your aquatic pets are healthy. We create beautiful and unique aquascapes with live rock and corals to enhance the natural beauty of your aquarium. Our tailored maintenance services ensure that your aquarium remains in the best possible condition. Choose Aquarium Experts for the best care for your aquarium.

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Aquarium Service and Maintenance

Aquarium and Maintenance Service London

A clean and well-maintained aquarium is essential to promote healthy fish and maintain a healthy ecosystem. Fish produce waste and toxins, which can accumulate and harm the fish if not removed regularly. Proper water filtration and circulation help to remove waste and debris from the water, which would otherwise have a negative impact on the fish. Maintaining the appropriate water temperature and pH level is also essential for the health and wellbeing of the fish. Neglecting maintenance can lead to an unhealthy and stressful environment for the fish. 

Regular maintenance tasks include cleaning the aquarium glass and gravel, changing water, and testing water parameters to ensure optimum conditions for the fish.

We can manage all aspects of your aquarium remotely

Top-quality support for your aquarium using the cutting-edge Apex / Neptune Monitoring Systems.

With remote monitoring, we get real-time updates on crucial indicators such as water temperature, pH level, and nutrient levels, which enables us to proactively address any issues before they escalate into major problems.

Our team provides comprehensive maintenance services, including water changes, equipment cleaning, and system checks to ensure your aquarium is always in optimal condition.

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Consultancy & Design

Aquarium Installation

Ongoing Care


Our Reviews

I have had a few problems with my little tropical tank, I called Geoff and nothing was too much trouble he saved me the cost of a expensive call out with fantastic advice that worked first time ! really cannot fault their top service !
Sally Hackney
Sally Hackney
Very helpful and patient! I am quite new to fish keeping and the man I spoke to had all the time to explain how to change over fishtanks in the safest way to the fish. He also knew alot about the fish breed themselves and I feel confident that this business is genuinely trustworthy :)
elena ginns
elena ginns
We have been using Geoff, Paul and the team for many years to maintain our fish tanks at a Hospice in Newcastle. Alongside the vast knowledge and experience the customer care is fantastic with very efficient and planned visits. Friendly and reliable service - highly recommend
Gill White
Gill White
Expert help and support from the experts themselves. Massive gratitude to Geoff and his team for their advice regards my damaged aquarium and for navigating me in the right direction. Highly recommended. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.
Adnan Riaz
Adnan Riaz

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We offer a range of aquarium services, from design and installation to service and maintenance.

Services include marine and reef aquariums, freshwater aquariums, water features and ponds.

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