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Aquarium Services

We believe custom aquarium services are a living work of art and can be a true reflection of the clients’ personality.

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Aquariums Service - Design

Design & Installtion

Ensuring personalisation from manufacture to installment. For any shape or size aquarium and cabinetry. We’ll supply, fit and introduce all equipment. Including lighting, filtration, real or artificial aquascapes, live rock, corals, and all livestock.

Aquariums Service - Freshwater

Freshwater aquariums can be created as single species habitat. Such as a discus aquarium, other options are a community tank. This is where different species of fish live together in harmony.

Aquariums Service- Marine
Marine & Reef

Saltwater aquarium fish are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and a rainbow of beautiful colours. Our custom created marine and saltwater system can be subdivided into fish only, living reef system or a combination of both.

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Aquarium Services

Bespoke custom Aquariums

Aquarium Services

Aquarium Services for all your aquatic needs. Aquarium Experts Offer expert, professional, custom built Aquariums.

Ranging from personal aquarium builds to corporate aquarium builds. Custom built Aquariums such as in-wall divider Aquariums, to grand reception area Aquariums. These beautiful displays of elegance ensure visiting clients are met with a tranquil eye catching masterpiece. Built to be the topic of conversation for any room!

Offices, beauty counters, department stores, airports, hospitals, care homes, hotels, nurseries, schools….you name it!

Aquarium Experts have designed and installed aquariums of all shapes and sizes to many businesses and client homes.

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Our Services

We offer a range of aquarium services, from design and installation to service and maintenance.

Services include marine and reef aquariums, freshwater aquariums, water features and ponds.

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