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Aquarium Services

We believe custom aquarium services are a living work of art and can be a true reflection of the clients’ personality.

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Aquariums Service - Design

Design & Installtion

We manufacture and install all shapes and sizes of aquarium and cabinetry and will supply, fit and introduce all equipment, including lighting, filtration, real or artificial aquascapes, e.g. ocean / live rock, corals, and all livestock.

Aquariums Service - Freshwater


Freshwater aquariums can be created as single species, such as a discus aquarium, or other options are a community tank, where fish from different species and continents, live together in harmony.

Aquariums Service- Marine

Marine & Reef

Saltwater aquarium fish are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and a rainbow of beautiful colours. The marine or saltwater system can be sub-divided into fish only, living reef system or a combination of both.

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Bespoke Aquarium Services

Aquarium Services

Our clients range from residential customers to private and public sector organisations and include private homes, restaurants, head offices, beauty counters, department stores, airports, hospitals, care homes, hotels, nurseries, schools and many more.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and as such our team of Technicians and Service Engineers work across the whole of the UK and Europe, providing friendly and professional aquarium services at all times, which aims to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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