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Custom Aquarium Experts

We are Aquarium Experts a custom aquarium design and installation company offering custom aquarium services to all of the UK. Aquarium design and installation service by a premium Aquatic Design Team.  

We work closely with you to ensure all your requirements are met by liaising with architects, designers and contractors.

30 years of installing custom aquariums

Design, manufacture & Installation

Once we have had our design consultation we get to work with project management, ensuring all areas of the installation are done within safety measures. 

Aquarium Experts work with architects and engineers to ensure structures can safely hold the aquarium weight. Giving you peace of mind.  

We begin work with having your aquarium manufactured to your specifications. We also arrange a date we can work onsite to get your aquarium fitted. 

Once fitted our engineers will set up filtration systems, lighting, and check water quality.  Only once checks are completed we allow the aquarium to settle before we can add your livestock and corals.

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Supply, fit, install

All shapes and sizes

We manufacture and install all shapes and sizes of aquariums and will supply, fit and provide all equipment. This includes lighting, filtration, real or artificial aquascapes, e.g. ocean / live rock, corals, and all livestock.

Our team will work closely with each client, including liaison with architects, designers and contractors, throughout the installation process.

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Ongoing Care

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We offer services across multiple aquatic features, from design and installation to service and maintenance. 

Services in  marine and reef, and freshwater aquariums, water features and ponds.